“It took me ten years to achieve this collection of personified scents. I had to progress slowly in order to learn and understand about essences that felt right, which was a humbling yet enriching experience. I had to ignore the dos and don´ts imposed by trends or by a commercial brief. Free from any restrictions, I have followed my instinct to create pure, original and extravagantly high-quality fragranes.”
Terry de Gunzburg

Rose Infernale

Rose Infernale offers a mysterious and oriental trail. Rose Infernale magnifies the skin ...(more)

100 ml     4 350,-Kč

Bleu Paradis

Floral, woody, musky, ambery A new blue in the palette: bleu paradis. Limpid ...(more)

100 ml     3 640,-Kč

Fruit Défendu

Citrus, fruity, floral, sparkling, woody, musky An aphrodisiac promise of eternal desire. ...(more)

100 ml     3 640,-Kč

Terryfic Oud

Intense, deep, animal, bewitching.. An exalting and bewitching oriental encounter. ...(more)

100 ml     4 690,-Kč

Rêve Opulent

From Dream to Opulence A daydream to the most irresistible destination: ...(more)

50 ml     2 190,-Kč


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