Terryfic Oud

Intense, deep, animal, bewitching..

An exalting and bewitching oriental encounter.

A heady fragrance that leaves a sensual smoky woody trail. An arabesque of oriental, balsamic and warm notes.

The top notes unfold with the freshness of sparkling Calabrian Bergamot, delectably savory red berries and exquisite, sweet raspberry.

It boasts an abundant powdery floral heart, with a shimmering bouquet of rose and iris, and is jazzed up with noble spices such as saffron and sensual spices like cumin.

The base notes blossom, mellowing out the fragrace with powerful and carnal scents: delicately creamy and milky sandalwood, invigorating Atlas Cedar, intriguing papyrus, majestic patchouli and heady oud wood.


100 ml     4 690,-Kč


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