Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III

To fight against deep wrinkles around the eyes and a loss of skin density. For hollow, sunken in eyes.

Active ingredients:

Soy and wild jam phytosterols - offset the effects linked to hormonal imbalances and improves the balance of lipids in the skin. Smooth deep wrinkles and restore the skin´s elasticity.

Isoflavone liposome - boosts the action of the phytosterols. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and limits its degradation.

Soy oligopeptide - boosts collagen I and III synthesis. Densifies and restructures dermis.


Use: In the morning and/or at night, apply DERMO STRUCTURING MASTER EYE FACTOR III around the edge of the eye in a smoothing motion, from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.

15 ml     5 100,-Kč


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