Light Expert Click Brush

An anti-blemish, anti-dullness, anti-shadow foundation, this ingenious brush, christened the foundation for makeup dummies, guarantees flawless skin with every stroke! With a click, its brush applies its featherlight texture for virtually imperceptible…

LIGHT-EXPERT is an ingenious filling and anti-aging product with its extreme skincare formula: - Hydra-smoothing hyaluronic acid microspheres act like an ""anti-furrow"" patch, plumping up wrinkles for an instant lifting effect.

- Seven anti-senescence substances (phytosterols, phytosteroids, ursolic acid, isoflavones, policosanols, pro-vitamin A, vitamin E) form a rejuvenating catalyst providing long-term protection and defying the laws of time." Click and place the brush on curves and hollows areas. Slide and stretch the foundation evenly from inside outwards.

19,5 ml     1 390,-Kč


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