Eye Base Prime to Fix

Eyelid Base Perfector – Extra-Smoothing

Exceptional premium skincare to meet the needs of the most demanding mature skin. Its ingenious formula draws its excellence from the unprecedented combination of 3 precious minerals and 3 Orchid extractions, active ingredients recognized for their…
The exclusive combination of 3 multi-active complexes of plant and mineral origin: - Alpha-Gemm, a precious combination of amethyst and Tourmaline, restores the radiance of the complexion by boosting the microcirculation and reinforces the skin structures. - Pearlsystem, a combination of 6 powders with an optical lifting effect, sculpts the contours, evens out the relief of the skin, sweeps away wrinkles and smoothes the features. - Pro-Orchid, a combination of Black (anti-free radical), Purple (anti-harsh external factors) and White (moisturizing) Orchids, protects the skin, reinforces its structure and density, and intensely nourishes it for greater suppleness and comfort.
Smooth a small drop of base over the eyelid with fingertips from the inside outwards. To make the eyes appear larger, also place a small drop under the lower eyelid and stretch it to the outer corner of the eye.

15 ml     890,-Kč


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